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I must have flipped through ten photo albums this afternoon... make that fifteen... *begins counting*

five of my own
a couple of mine that oughtn't to count since they're so small
seven of Mom's and Dad's... or, six; one was empty, I forgot
another two of Mom's and Dad's
another three of Mom's and Dad's

I think that's all. What did that add up to?.... sixteen, not counting the little things. See, what did I tell you??

I was picking out pictures to put on my display board next Sunday at the Graduation Celebration at church. Every year, all the high school grads get all their old school stuff and pictures together, including little trophies and such, and display them on tables around our little church gym. (See my details of last year's to get an idea of what it's like.) I will be displaying the aforementioned five photo albums (which I invariably type ablums) and some trophies from 4-H and the million pictures I pulled out of the various abl-- albums. And my lovely senior pictures, many of which I've already given (or mailed) away. (Sent off my graduation invitations yesterday.)

So it will be lots of fun. I wonder what "Q" is up to these days? He's probably done with classes by now....

Also, Mom took me and my sis to see "Guys & Dolls" yesterday at a college. It was funny. And I've known "I love you, a bushel and a peck" for many many many years, though this is the first time I've ever seen the show!


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