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I started my new journal today. A cute, half-page-sized, purple-and-yellow "Diary" (as it states) with a butterfly on its front and a lock on its side. (You know, one of those cheap little square locks that provides almost no real security and breaks about the seventh time you unlock it. Just gives a sense of security, not necessarily a reality.)

So I named it May, I think. For an obvious reason. Used that naming method on one about two years ago, which I started in April.

The journal, that is. I never name the locks.

On another note........ today was our church's annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. 'Twas good.

And, I planted about twenty (okay... maybe only fifteen...) little plants in our front yard this morning, in the big, slightly muddy area where the huge ugly bushes used to be. I guess gardening isn't so bad after all. There's still dirt stuck under my nails, though.

Shall I bore you with an account of my last homeschool group meeting, a picnic? I thought not. :-)


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