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Nerd vs. Geek and other stories

Last night was the graduation celebration at church, as mentioned before. When the youth pastor got up to grill us, I was first (of course - the only girl!). The last kid, however, was by far the funniest. He made clear to us the difference between a computer nerd and a computer geek.

A computer geek has greasy skin. A computer nerd is more intelligent and cool. Also, geeks are into hardware and nerds are into software.

Of course, the kid described himself as a computer nerd.

On another night, Dad said that, since I'll be going off to college and boys will start asking me out, I should come up with some good excuses not to go (to use on the boys I don't like, of course). He mentioned the one that he got in high school - "I have to wash my hair that night!" - and that got me and my brother on a roll. Also thinking of "I have to paint the driveway" from some episode of Full House that my brother saw once, here's what we came up with:

--Sorry, I have to help Dad reinstall his flagpole - it's upside-down, unfortunately.
--Aw, I have to install Dad's answering machine that night!
--Oh well, that's the night I have to rotate my hubcaps.
--Oh man, I've already got plans to synchronize the library clocks then.
--Eh, sorry.... I've got to organize my hats tonight.

All of which I thought were hilarious. :-P


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