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I babysat a little two-year-old girl this afternoon, whom I shall call Livy. (For absolutely no reason related to the old Roman guy. I'm sorry if you will forever after picture this little girl with a toga on, because she's much cuter in a pink dress.) Anyhow, Livy certainly loved the outdoors today, because I took her on two walks (well, me pushing the stroller type walking) totalling an hour, and besides that - when she wasn't napping or snacking, that is - all she did was play outside in the swing or something. We had the bubbles out for a few minutes, but not too long. Mostly I pushed her in the baby swing and we picked white dandelions.

The reason for our sudden weedy affections was: "let's blow the little seeds away!" And she really enjoyed it, once she got the hang of blowing hard enough, and stopped putting the dandelions too close to her mouth. It's more fun than blowing bubbles, don't you know, and less expensive.


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