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Hah, take that, you Constitutional Scholars!

Remember awhile back when somebody or other (I'd guess a Constitutional scholar of some sort) suggested that it would be narrowly Constitutional for Bill Clinton to be elected the Vice-President in 2008, even though he's served two terms already as President? Or any former two-term President, for that matter - even though an untimely incapacity/death of the President would put him in a position of a third-term President, even though Amendment 22 of the Constitution forbids electing a President to a third term:

"No person shall be electd to the office of the President more than twice..."

Of course, it says nothing about electing a former two-term President to the office of Vice President, and then the President going postal. Third-term President by finagling. Could some guy actually sneak this by the Supreme Court, do you think?

Nope. Re-read your Amendments to the Constitution, specifically the end of Amendment 12:

"But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."

Duh. If I can find it, why couldn't anyone else at the time?

I never heard any follow-up on this... maybe somebody beat me to it by about two months? And FOX just let it die like that, without answering the questions they aroused??

Sheesh, that would be hilarious....

In related news, my widdle brudder states that it's a no-brainer; and that somebody obviously didn't quite get it, they must have "no brains ©". :-P (My brudder says he's got it copyrighted! *laughs*)


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