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Laptop accessories!

OK, we went up to my grandma's to pick up my graduation pictures from my uncle. While we were there, this same uncle gave me an Internet card for my laptop! And it works!

Then another uncle (the bachelor one) gave me a niiiice black leather laptop bag to put all my stuff in. It even has a unique smell, since he smokes pipes in his living room where the bag was stored for awhile. Not a bad smell, actually; nothing at all like cigarettes' smell.

Plus that uncle also gave me a hat from my Dad's favorite college sports team. A nice wheat-colored, woven something-or-other hat (I'd say straw but it's not), with a black band around the crown that has the logo on it. I really like it, but I may have to surrender it to Dad because it fits him pretty well too.

...and of course, amid all the excitement, I left the envelope of pictures on my grandmother's kitchen table. I should be getting them in the mail either tomorrow or Saturday.


Guitarlady said…
And the pictures arrived (thanks to her grandpa). She's certainly having a ball doing things on her new laptop! Especially with all those accessories.
RS said…
Hehehe.... indeed I am. Especially since I have the digital camera to go along with it! :-)

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