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I'm typing this....

...from my new (to me) laptop. No kidding.

This guy at church asked my brother to fix his TV - a simple matter really - and when we dropped it back at his house, he came out with this little black box and said he had an extra one lying around so I might as well have it! Apparently his son used to type his college papers on it. He also gave us some speakers, but that wasn't a surprise.

As I said two days ago, when I put it in the car to go home: YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!

So now I've installed XP (or rather, my brother installed it and I bothered him a bit while he did), installed the stuff that came with my camera, and borrowed an internet thingy temporarily. (Only sporadically, and only till I get my own internet card thing.) This keyboard thing is a little difficult to get used to - I'm forever looking for the "end" key in the wrong spot - and the mousepad is a whole new ball game. I keep messing up with it, but I am getting better, I promise. :-)

This is so much fun. And, all in one day, I upgraded from family desktop and point-and-shoot 35mm to personal laptop and 6MP digital!


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