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Adios, mis amigos!

I'm off to see the cousins this weekend. Yep, just as we do every Memorial Day week(end). It will be great. :-) We'll run around in the yard, and play in the cousins' pool, and talk to my one cousin about his freshman year at college, and scold my other cousin (in fun, of course) for not writing me back, and show all the cousins my new digital camera...

I love visits to cousins!! :-) And since they always occur on holidays, I therefore love holidays.

Mom will be making poppyseed bread to take for one particular cousin who craves it. It's amusing.

Yes, I have an amazing number of cousins on my father's side. It's great for holiday family get-togethers!


I was thinking aloud last night... to my sister, of course...

One thing I hope for at college - probably the only thing I'm none too sure about - is a roommate I can talk to. The way my sister and I chat after the lights are out at night, about anything and everything, bouncing ideas and opinions off of each other. I hope I get a roommate who'll talk that way, in a manner of discussion as opposed to just exchanging ideas. There's a difference, you know... an exchange of ideas is just that, an exchange; there is no aspect of probing the reasons and experiences behind the idea/opinion. With discussion, that aspect exists - we ask "why?" and "how?" and "what if...?"

I'm not entirely sure there are many people that I can (and do) talk that way with. That's why I'm somewhat apprehensive.


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