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And the other side of the coin

A couple days ago, my mamá was on the phone a lot. I came home after classes and she was on the phone for half an hour longer.

Once she got off, she explained that was a family member, and that her husband's grandfather was dying. It is best now, she said, because he's been suffering a lot, and he's getting up there in years. Cancer was taking its toll....

Today, my mamá said he was just a few hours away from death. My papá went to his grandfather's place today, instead of to his workplace. They had been preparing for this point, of course; my mamá said this part had started in January; but still.

My mamá told me about her grandparents, too, a little. She is close with them--they live nearby, and all--and she said she wishes they could live forever, but she knows that everyone has a time to die.

My hermanito told me today, multiple times, that he was sad. He will miss his great-grandfather.


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