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Rindercella! Rindercella!

So, homework for the weekend is to write out a fairy tale in Spanish. We get to choose from one of four, including Cinderella; and I was talking about our assignment with some of the girls, when I found out they'd never heard the story of Rindercella!

So I looked on the Internet today and--lo and behold--there was a version very similar to the one my mom told me years ago!

It's so much fun to tell these things... and there are more spoonerist-fairy-tales (otherwise known as tairy fales) all over the place!


Disco Lemonade said…
Spoonerisms are fantastic! Have you ever read Shel Silverstein's Runny Babbit? My favorite is the poem about Dankee Yoodle :D
RS said…
No I haven't, but someday hopefully I will! Maybe when I start babysitting again and need stories to read to the kids. :)

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