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Spanish profusion

The funny thing about being here, in Central America, is that Spanish and its related thoughts fill my life like nothing else has before.

When I wake up, I'm greeted by "¿Cómo amaneció?" and hear Spanish music on the radio. I play with my little hermanita and speak Spanish to her, though she is only sixteen months. (¿Ádonde vas? ¿Qué estas haciendo?) Then I talk to my mamá about random stuff (Amish people, today... no joke) and she doesn't speak any English, so of course all my conversation is in Spanish. I read my Bible in Spanish. I do my homework in Spanish. I hear telenovelas in Spanish (they're on in the afternoons and my mamá likes to have them on while she cleans or whatnot). About the only two things I don't do in Spanish are read my Chesterton book (during down time at home) and do stuff on the Internet.

So, it's really weird to get online and see that there's a world outside Spanish language study. That the news, journalism, Christianity blogs that I always read are still functioning (though I don't read them near so much now). That the random things I used to blog about all the time are still happening--just, I don't think about them when I get around to blogging. I just think of the random stories from classes, or the funny things that happened with my family today, or something new I learned about C.American culture.


Guitarlady said…
How nice! Immersion is the best way to become fluent. ¡Que aprendas mucho!
RS said…
Oh, ¡estoy aprendiendo muchissimo! Incluyendo como escribir ¡ y ¿. :D

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