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La Vida es Bella (the movie)

So, I've never seen "Life is Beautiful." Apparently it's an Italian film that got pretty popular recently. We watched it the last two days in our class about conversation. A few observations:

1. Having never seen the movie, I had no idea what it was about, so I had to just roll with it. I'm not used to that... usually I at least read the back of the movie case to get a general idea of the plot. I'm a framework kind of person--I like to have at least some idea of the big picture, in order to fit in the parts correctly. Watching a movie without knowing anything of the plot is... curious.

2. Watching a movie in Spanish is a whole 'nother story. For one thing, the Spanish is fast fast fast, and for another there aren't any subtitles, and for a third the words don't even match up with what the actors are really saying (since it was in Italian originally), so you really do have to rely solely on what you think you hear. And since I'm not quite that fluent in Spanish yet, it was difficult. I did manage to follow decently well, and understood enough of the jokes to laugh at the appropriate times.

3. Why did somebody have to end the movie that way?!? I was waiting for him to turn up suddenly! I thought he was hoaxing us again! Bad, bad filmmakers! Seriously, just imagine how I felt when I realized that this poor guy was... well I won't give away the ending.


Guitarlady said…
Not every story has a happy ending. Especially those that deal with WWII - most of them don't. So sad.
RS said…
Indeed, I do know that's true. But, the complete contrast between the first half of the movie and the second half was kinda surprising.

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