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Wow, it's been... 8 years?

The funny thing about living in Central America is that I'm away from all the U.S. hoopla over holidays, days of importance, etc. So I barely realized Monday was Labor Day (only on Sunday night, late, when I was writing stuff in my planner which has U.S. holidays). And only just now did I realize that today is September 11th. Saying "once de setiembre" (the date in Spanish) really does make a difference; it doesn't have the same memory attached to the words. It's curious.


Guitarlady said…
Perfectly understandable. Different culture, different special days. The radio here reminded everyone of the significance of today of course.
RS said…
Yeah. Funny thing though, it was on the afternoon news here too! Apparently two or three people from here died there too (as my mamá told me).

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