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Volunteering with kids (your Sunday night update)

Whew. Second (I think...) week of classes done, one day of volunteering under my belt, a cold come and almost gone, and a day spent sightseeing and taking photographs! That, in a nutshell, was my week. I just wrote up an update on Facebook, as usual, and put in a LOT of photographs because... well, because I happened to take 160 of them yesterday on our sightseeing trip. :)

So yeah, the sightseeing yesterday was the highlight of my trip. However, if I hadn't been so miserable the day of volunteering (the day my cold started... after I left home... so I didn't have any medicine or kleenex with me), I would have enjoyed volunteering a lot too. I got to work with little baby kids (2 years old and under) at a day center for kids in difficult family situations. In between sniffles (of my own), I picked up kids, played with kids, wiped kids' noses, and generally wondered if it wouldn't be better for the kids if I could just go home (I couldn't really).

A few minutes after I arrived, the kids gathered for Bible time, which consisted of singing cute little songs (like This Little Light of Mine, in Spanish!) and the teacher (who was also sick, poor woman) telling the kids a short story. They returned to playtime, and then about nine o'clock had snack time! Let me tell you, they make enough of a mess with watermelon; however I'm told it's worse when they have oranges. And, of course, more playtime followed snack time.

Then I took the kids (with their actual supervisors) and we went out to have group time, where there was a clown. A few of the kids got scared there. One little adorable doll of a girl was fine for awhile, but then she wet herself... while she was sitting on my lap... and started crying because she needed to be changed. I just went the rest of the morning with a slightly damp lap.

We had lunchtime soon after. They all got rice and some meat and french fries (really good french fries), although several of them didn't eat too much (they are little one-year-olds, after all). I fed a little boy in a high chair who wouldn't eat hardly anything, although I did coax a few bites into him. After lunch, we put them all down for a nap, and then I was free to go eat my own lunch--burgers and french fries, mmmmm!--and we student volunteers left for the day.

Why do I keep typing friend instead of french??


da_baum said…
Friend fry...that sounds lovely... I'm more surprised you didn't type friend instead of fries. I've done that before. I just ate a burger and some french friends. I never even knew I had french friends...
mafia said…
that is hilarious baum.
RS said…
haha I've done that too! Maybe this time my brain was working ahead of itself?

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