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Journaling and Exams (in Spanish)

Today I considered the possibility of switching over to writing in Spanish when I journal. I'm feeling like I know enough of Spanish--both the grammar and the vocabulary--that I could begin to do a decent job in that language. Maybe next month.

I had an oral exam today for my class in conversation. This is the teacher that does really hard exams, and tells us to study everything in order to prepare for these exams. The exams are always oral, also--not a written word to them. (It is the class on "conversation," after all.) So I was... nervous, to say the least, and felt like telling her right off "Sé que voy a morir ahora." But I didn't; instead I smiled, said I was "muy bien" (in response to "¿Cómo estás?"), and gave it my best shot. I answered all the cultural-sayings questions quite well, remembered stuff about our literature-reading fairly well, was able to give an opinion about the Spanish-language movie we watched, and managed to use the past-perfect and past-imperfect tenses decently. Thus, to my surprise I received a 95% grade for this test--and she told me I had received the same grade last time! (Until today, I had had no idea what that grade was, and certainly didn't think I did quite that well.)


Guitarlady said…
Excelente! Felicitaciones!

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