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A trip to the supermarket to buy newspapers

An assignment for class tomorrow is to read and analyze three different newspapers here. In order to do that, I kinda had to actually buy three different newspapers here.

And to do that, I had to go to the supermercado. My mamá told me it would be better to go as soon as possible, since if we waited till my papá got home, there probably wouldn't be any newspapers left! So, my hermanito and I walked over to the supermarket just to buy those.

I ended up buying the newspaper my host parents read and two other newspapers. Those were the perfect choices, as I found out; I ended up with one paper that's popular with lower-to-middle-class folks, another among the middle-to-upper-classes, and a third (the one with the best website, I believe) that's big with the upper class.

The funniest thing was that my nine-year-old hermanito wanted to read them with me when we got back.


mafia said…
Do you ever hear "Sarah, I'm bored"? (Spanish version, of course)
RS said…
Hahaha! Well... not quite, but my hermanito does ask to play games with me all the time (sometimes even before he's finished his homework).

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