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Books and Movies and Cousins (oh my!)

I'm taking my sister's advice to tell about what I've just been doing the past several days. Not particularly enthralling, I warn you, but here goes.

I learned today that it takes precisely 8 seconds to cross a two-lane, one-way street downtown, walking at a rate of two steps per second. That is, one complete set of steps per second, one right-footed and one left-footed. If that makes sense.

And yesterday, I checked five books out from the library. Three of them were related to journalism:
  • "Letters to a Young Journalist," Sam Freedman
  • "Newsonomics: 12 new trends that will shape the news you get"
  • "The Best Business Stories of the Year: 2004"
  • "Studies in Words," C.S. Lewis
  • "Spanglish: The making of a new American language"

I've already read bits out of "Letters" and the business stories compilation. Quite interesting. Once I get my laptop back up and running, I'll write a little more about the books.

In fact, I'm considering starting another never-ending series: Books a Journalist Reads. Which will, of course, cover pretty much every book I read, period.

Other than that, there's not much that's happened in the last few days. Oh, except that I spent Easter with my dad's side of the extended family this year, I think for the first time in my life.

It was quite enjoyable to have another sleepover with the cousins. Three of us (by which I mean two girl cousins and I) formulated a list of chick flicks we want to watch and analyze to death. The list covered a side and a half of a sheet of scrap paper.

We started work on the list by watching "Leap Year" on Monday evening. We agreed it was a refreshing chick flick, mostly for being a clean one. Our discussion centered on the character of the girl, for the most part, and how she used her controlling tendencies as a wall to protect her poor, vulnerable self from the happy-go-lucky, unfortunate habits her father possessed.

We did briefly touch on the love interest's blunt style, which was a combination of upright honesty and bitterness toward women because of his past relationship. But mostly we talked about the girl, partly because her character was established immediately (she was the focus of the first two scenes) while the guy wasn't even introduced until at least fifteen minutes in.

I'm not sure what's next on our list, but "It Happened One Night" (starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert) is on there somewhere. Another favorite of mine.

So, that's about it for the randomness in my life. I'm looking forward to another weekend with a cousin (the poor girl, she'll be left at home while the rest go visit other cousins and such).

In other news... doesn't this sound sooo much fun? Mississinewa 1812 reenactment. What if I told you I might actually be IN it?? Like, seriously!! I even have the fabric and pattern necessary to sew a period-correct dress!


mafia said…
So only two of the books have authors?
So they drove two cars out for Easter or what?
So Leap Year is one you like or not?
Is it because of class and such that she is left behind?
So you will be with cousins reenacting?
Sarah said…
No, two of the other books have authors and the third (the business news book) has a chief editor (who picked all the entries with a little help from some sub-chief editors). :P Well, I drove down, they drove Grandma and one other vehicle, I think.

I do indeed like Leap Year. I decided it's one of my favorites, though of course not up there with Singing in the Rain and Princess Bride (not to mention Red October).

Yes, that's precisely the reason. And yes, I'll be with cousins. :) :)

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