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Two weeks into life

My poor, neglected blog. You must feel terribly missed.

Anyhow, I’m settled into my new apartment (the one with the stained glass windows), have gotten to meet several people at church and via interviews for news articles, and am generally enjoying myself.

Just so you’re aware that I’m not dead.

I will try to post a real blog tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s go see what Matt Smith is up to as the Eleventh Doctor….


da_baum said…
Pictures of the windows? Pleeeeeeease?
mafia said…
Sarah, how many times have you used that "I'm not dead" thing? :-D Did you get internet at your apartment? Pull any April Fool's jokes?

baum...if you are serious, see the previous blog post, that'd give you some idea...if you are just harassing her, go right ahead. :-)
da_baum said…
Oh hey...that picture didn't show up in Google Reader. :P

Would I ever just harass her?!
Sarah said…
Abby: Well I'm still borrowing the unprotected internet of somebody in the neighborhood. Nope, no April Fool's jokes. I don't know anybody well enough to do any here yet.

John: Hmm, I didn't know the pictures weren't showing up in Reader. How odd. And I decline comment on the harassment... :D
mafia said…
baum: Absolutely you would. :-D
MJ said…
I thought you were dead RS...

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