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Things I'd want to roll my eyes at. That was one of the suggestions of what I should post. Since I've had a fairly uneventful day today and my brain is halfway to mush, I just might make that list. Here goes:
  • dumb smart-alec comments
  • sale prices that are higher than Aldi's regular prices for a comparable product
  • a college student's insistence that they know a better way to change the world than anybody else
  • children's having cell phones
  • the singing fish (and it's SUCH an earworm!)
  • people who know the words to the Ferret Song by heart (yes, that includes you, J)
  • ten-year-olds with boyfriends and girlfriends
  • hypocritical statements made by the same person in the same breath
  • paisley skirts
  • anything else paisley
  • movies that make super-overstated claims about their own ingenuity or emotional power
  • writers who make the mistake of equating correlation with causation
  • lapdogs
  • any animal in an outfit not worn on Christmas or Halloween, or possibly in a parade
  • Christian romance novels
  • for that matter, any romance novel that perpetuates either the perfect-gentleman-without-flaw stereotype or the he's-the-one myth of the soul mate
  • butterfly rings (the kind that wiggle a bit and have sparkly antennae)
  • agreeance and effectiveness
  • arrogant people
  • unimaginative tattoos on high school or college students
  • striped toe socks
  • people who complain that they're bored
  • shag carpet
  • absurd Paris styles
  • most styles praised on Project Runway (last I knew)
  • stale Internet memes
  • political promises
  • much of what passes for Christian comedy
  • Internet Explorer

....and guess what Internet browser I'm forced to use at this otherwise wonderful library?

*By the way. "Tuerzojos" is the word I made up as the Spanish equivalent of my familiar *rolleyes* chat pseudo-emoticon. Torcer los ojos is how "to roll the eyes" is said in Spanish. Tuerzo los ojos... tuerzojos... you see?


Guitarlady said…
Equating correlation and causation is much than just a *tuerzojos*. It's enough to make you scream sometimes. I want to reach out and grip the author by the throat and shake him up!! Ooops, that might be a bit too violent for this blog. I should get back to PG comments. :-)
mafia said…
Have you been experiencing said college student remarks lately?
The singing fish?
You've met more than one person who knows the ferret song?
You don't want people to agree or be effective?
What's wrong with stripped toe socks? :-D
What about shag throw carpets?
You're silly....:-)
Unknown said…
I'm too lazy to look up "memes", but otherwise, I enjoyed your list of things you roll your eyes at! :-)
Unknown said…
It is UNKNOWN to me why I am listed as "Unknown", but I don't know how to fix it, so please be advised that I am "Unknown"!
Carol M.
da_baum said…
Good thing I don't make any dumb smart-alec comments!
Sarah said…
Abby: No, not really. I just randomly remembered rolling my eyes at some of the remarks when I was actually in college. That singing fish is called Billy Bass, I think. Yep, cousins know it and I think somebody at Awakening or somewhere else did, too. Agreeance and effectiveness shouldn't be words; agreement and efficacy already exist for the exact same meanings. Striped toe socks and shag carpets are just silly. :D

John: *tuerzojos*

Carol: Looks like you might have been on some computer that was logged in like that. I'm not sure otherwise why it would do that. Also, yours was the 1000th comment. :)
Wesleigh Mowry said…
I'm so glad that Christian romance novels annoy you! Although once I came across a Christian romance featuring pirates that I'm sorry I didn't buy, because I'm still curious about how one can be a good Christian and a good pirate...
Sarah said…
Wesleigh: Christians and pirates... hmm, there does seem to be a bit of a problem there. :P Maybe some gorgeous captive convinced a poor depraved pirate to turn away from his old life.
LittleChai said…
Ooooohhh! Is that how you spell smart-alec? Awesome! And earworm! Love the use of that term... Tis' so obscure! And what, pray tell, is your problem with shag carpets?!

But, as a scientist, I not only roll my eyes, but I puke a little in my mouth over the correlation/causation issue! Lol

What is the ferret song?

And how young is "child" in the cell phone bullet? I had one when I was 10.... But then again, I was taking trains alone to and from places all the time by myself, so it was rather important...Sofia should probably wait until she is at least 4 before she gets an iPhone ;) jk
MJ said…
The ironic fact is that RS invented "Tuerzojos" mostly because of me. Making smart-aleck comments is my speciality. Or just that I'm talented ;)

And Sarah, tried any Gilbert Morris Books lately? :D

Give singing fish a chance! They are after all, special fish :D
mafia said…
Alicia: the ferret song, courtesy of YouTube Also, you should make it easier to comment on your blog, it is very complicated.
Sarah said…
Alicia: I don't know why, but shag carpets just seem so ridiculous. Yeah the correlation/causation is EVERYWHERE. So infuriating. But I limit myself to rolling my eyes if I can't actually do anything about it.

As far as the children-with-cell-phones thing goes, it's usually kids who are always with their parents anyways (like ten years old, but here in the States were parents wouldn't dream of sending them anywhere a teacher or bus driver weren't present). All they do is put little pink stickers and beads on the phone and ignore people while they text incessantly about... oh probably My Little Pony. Haha, Sofia probably has one already just for the apps!

Sam: *tuerzojos* x2!

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