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Lunch break

I'm so unimaginative when it comes to food. (Except if guacamole is involved. I shall write that story later this week.)

Every day for lunch for the first three weeks at my new job, I packed... a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a handful of baby carrots. I think I may have substituted applesauce ONE day for the apple, but only because I ran out of apples.

So I finally decided to switch it up this week. I made tuna salad with my cousin for supper Saturday night and sealed the leftovers in some plastic container which I'm pretty sure isn't Tupperware. I love tuna almost as much as I love peanut butter and jelly (almost, not quite equally), so I figured it would make a good week's worth of sandwiches.

Yeah, I'm still stuck in sandwich mode. But at least it's not peanut butter. I'm sure I must have eaten peanut butter for 60% of my lifetime lunches. If not more.

The only thing with tuna is that it's drippy. I opened the tuna on Monday evening, I think--my Saturday--and there was a milky puddle of tuna drip pooling in a corner of the container. I drained it and went on with my supper.

Of course, the puddle reappeared yesterday. And today. Despite drainage.

Fortunately, I live close enough to work that it's feasible just to come home and make lunch fresh rather than pack it all the time. Otherwise I'd be left with a soggy tuna sandwich around noon. I much prefer my fresh, bready sandwiches.

So, I've still had peanut butter most of the last few days (it's a great supper supplement, as my mom will attest), but now I've added tuna to my list of habitual lunch foods. Which is very short, but I hope to lengthen it here.

I know some people think it's boring to eat the same food day after day. I say, if you like it, you like it. And I get enough excitement out of my job. I don't have to have it in my food.


mafia said…
You're amusing.

You could eat hot pockets. :-D
Sarah said…
Or I could just not eat hot pockets. :)

Glad you find me entertaining. I aim to please. *curtsies*

For the record, I did take a tuna sandwich to work today, but in pieces: I dumped the remainder of the tuna in one of my tiny plastic containers and took the bread, pre-buttered and folded, in a separate baggie. (There was only enough tuna for a half-sandwich.) Voila, no sogginess!
mafia said…
why would you put butter on your bread for a sandwich?
Guitarlady said…
Butter keeps the bread from getting so soggy. Your grandma used to do that a lot too.
Sarah said…
That's why she did it? I thought it was just for the taste....
LittleChai said…
Eeeeww tuna is so nasty.... And now you have put that nauseating odor and sight into my mind along with the added joy of sogginess and tuna puddles! Ick! But buttering bread to keep it from being soggy? Interesting! I suppose it must have something to do with the oil?

On another note, I enjoy food too much to eat the sarm thing every day... Thus unfortunately leads me to eating out more often than I probably should, but it seems to be what everyone else does around here too. I do get new groceries in tomorrow! Yay! The grocery store even has Japanese pears (Nashi... Really a cross between an apple and a pear) that I grew up eating and love!
Sarah said…
Alicia: you're welcome. :D Ah, figures everybody there would eat out. Nobody lives a simple enough life in Boston to have time enough to cook, from what I saw. That's so cool that they have those pears. Foods from your childhood taste the best!! (Hence my affection for mom's mac'n'cheese.)
Sarah said…
And my fondness for tuna, I might add.

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