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Compendium of Links #27

Well, a ton has happened this week that’s blog-worthy, and yet, I sit here thinking, “oh! I have a huge bunch of tabs open that I should link to!” I guess clearing my poor computer’s tab bar is uppermost in my priorities this evening.

The Exchange – the senior pastor of this random Texas church followed me on Twitter this week. I don’t have a clue why. I’ve never even been to Texas.

Has higher education stiffed its most important client? A question that The Atlantic asks, and answers, intelligently. Also some good reasons to think through grad school rather than considering it a given for a smart undergrad.

Don’t make these grammar mistakes! Please!! (Infographic, via a friend from college.)

Pew for One? – I found this to be an interesting, but not particularly groundbreaking, article about being single in today’s churches. The author is completely correct about someone like me looking for the same basic things in a church that any married folks would want… solid theology, involvement in the neighborhood, welcoming members, etc. But there’s something else that is typically lacking in churches, or at least present in insufficient quantities, and that would be other young singles with whom I can connect closely. Simply put, I want a few folks I can call up of an evening and invite over for randomness… a movie, a jam session, a book discussion. Married people don’t have time to even read philosophical books, let alone talk about them. Even the married ones my age mostly exchange notes on their children’s hygiene habits. (Haven’t you noticed?)

There once was a hero among the ones from DC Comics who was named Extra├▒o. And a friend of mine from college knew this before I did because she Googled the Spanish word for “strange”… while I already knew what the word meant.

Homeland Security is paranoid. If you tweet or post a Facebook status update including words like “pork,” “gas” or “snow,” it might be stalking you. (via ReadWriteWeb)

Jon Acuff’s guest blogger a couple weeks ago spoofed the infamous Ring by Spring trend at Christian colleges! So funny! (Jon Acuff, by the way, is the humorous genius behind Stuff Christians Like.) I can’t tell how many times I heard people making fun of people for caf dates. And yes, guitar players get a bajillion extra hotness points among Christian girls.

Be careful about your Doomsday predictions. It’s too easy to make fun of them when they FAIL. (infographic)

I’m so nerdy, I think Pride and Prejudice character maps are cool.

And for the video of the week…

Don’t be the dumb college student that can’t live without Facebook. Use it wisely.


da_baum said…
So basically as long as I don't tweet using words other than conjunctions, pronouns, and simple verbs, I am safe from being called a terrorist?
Sarah said…
Pretty much. Terrorists are smart, you know, so all smart people are suspect. *parades logical brilliance*
Guitarlady said…
The grammar goofs link is great! I see those errors all over - many signs too. At least I'm not the only one that notices!
Guitarlady said…
Actually I would take issue with the assertion that "married people don't have time to read". Of course I imagine you already figured I would (and your dad too).
Guitarlady said…
Hmmmm, my last word didn't post. I guess I shouldn't use HTML tag indicators. Ooops. *giggle* (Asterisks should work.)
Sarah said…
Haha. Mom, you and Dad are the exceptions that prove the rule. I talk to you guys about books, but I've not heard more than a few other married adults talk about books over the last year or so. Sunday School discussions over a book being studied are about the extent of what I've encountered. Quite sad, really.

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